Burning Yourself from Overwork

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Farras Raihan Syafiq

Raise your hand readers! If you ever suffered from mental Health or emotional health to overwork yourself into an extremly depressive state of mind that takes days to recover from hopes to be happy with a result knowing it’s probably going to end worst in the end!

(and The 90% of readers put their hands up.)

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If a friend came up to you and said “Hey! I’m going to run 50 miles and refused to eat, sleep, or taking care of myself until I finished my task” and you be like “Don’t do it” and you silent for a while then say “You need sunscreen first”

But hey! You know that overworking yourself as such a confusing interpretation right now is not going to make you good in the end, Trust me, but why?

Here’s a thing. Everyone knows that it’s not good but actually at the same time it’s also good, the best example is in school or maybe work environments.

There might be kinda person lie “Dude, I had six hours homework last night and didn’t go to bed until 4:00am.” And the other be like “You think that’s bad? Let me tell you, the other week I had 3 exams at the same time so I had to force myself for studying for a whole night and I only drank coffee for 2 days straight!”

Meanwhile, the OTHER OTHER ONE is like “I haven’t slept for a month! My blood rushed like an adrenaline thing!!” And that person just passed away after it says that.

But here, when someone is working hard, obviously a lot of people will support and admire you in it. But when you went too far, for example, like you don’t take any rest, eat, or any other thing that causes death from your body metabolism, and you start to cross into the realm of pain and uncontrollable suffering. Yeah, the others going to force you to stop, because you need the energy to work.

“Yeah, but enduring the pain and pushing forward is super strong!” Well, not actually (hehe)

Admiring something that’s unhealthy isn’t commendable instead of encouraging it. When you work so hard, just tell your brain to “Hey! No!!! Stop it!!! Not on the carpet!!!”

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